That's right, my fine, literate friends. The newly re-opened Harry W. Schwartz bookstore on Downer Avenue is now called The Boswell Book Company. And for some reason, they're letting me take it over for a few hours on Saturday, May 9 to celebrate the release of my first, real-deal book (see above right).

Joining me in this probably-fun time are some friends of mine, who do incredibly cool things here in Milwaukee. I love them. I want YOU to love them if you don't already.

Friends like:

Alverno Presents, who put on THE finest concert series this side of the ozone layer.

Cedar Block, who do more for your brain than you ever could.

Pezzettino, who will be performing her incredible songs live.

Teecycle, who were bein' green long before Al Gore got an Oscar for it!

91.7 FM WMSE, who've been supporting the community for almost as long as I've been alive!

Zewing Girl, who hand-makes some of the coolest things your wrists, hips and hair will ever wear!

And did I mention Rishi Tea has so kindly offered a lil' prize for one of the many raffles we'll be having throughout the event? 'Cause there will be raffles, my friends. And music (Dori from WMSE!). And books. OH, THE BOOKS!

This is one of the coolest bookstores in Milwaukee. You need to explore it. Which is why I came up with a brilliant/unnecessary book-buying incentive for the event. But you have to be there to learn about it.

So put away your Winter laziness, find your reading glasses, and head on out to Boswell next Saturday. We'll have fun. Promise.

I love you like WE Energies loves overcharging,


Friday, April 17
6pm – 10pm

213 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you missed the opening, you missed a pile of small kids showing up early, parents in tow, voicing their support for my pint-sized collaborator.

You also missed Ella leaving for her OTHER show that night (no joke) before my grown-up supporters could show up and even out her early-evening landslide.

But this Gallery Night, my friends, is your chance at redemption. Stop by and see all our hard work. Find out which pieces sold. Buy the ones that didn't.

Justin Shady, author of this book I illustrated, will be on hand. We'll not only be selling a limited amount of copies of Missing the Boat, but we'll also be signing them.

You know-- so you can fetch a little more for it when you sell it on Bay.

Direct your questions to the email address below.

See you Friday!

Assuming Ella's going to make us both rich,

02.22.09 - MTB in NYC!!!
Proof this thing is in places other than my studio! Our good friend Michelle was walking around NYC, and passed this storefront window. Look what's sitting there, in close proximity to what I believe is that Roald Dahl short story collection I want!

Now officially selling in two states,

01.04.09 - What your new favorite book looks like:
Today marks the official arrival of Missing the Boat-- the book I worked incredibly hard on. The book Justin Shady wrote. The book you're going to buy. To entice you further, I asked this kind white gentleman to model the book for me on his porch, which is in desparate need of a paint job.

Also: I think the "cartoonist" kid from the new eSurance commercial just rang my doorbell and asked to clean my apartment carpet. Times REALLY ARE hard.

This is the cover, hand-painted by yours truly. I drew each and every single one of those raindrops. Thanks, O.C.D.!

This is what industry types call "the spine" of the book. Pretty, right? Imagine it sitting on your bookshelf, amidst the earthtoned, black and white-colored book spines. People will remark, "Wow! A blue one? So bold a choice! I must check this book out, to see what other bold choices these brilliant minds have made."

Don't worry, kids. This pictured spread is spoiler free. Look how adorable everything looks! And did I mention it's hand-painted? Even your Luddite friends will respect it!

Kat really outdid herself with this photo. Justin is the tie-wearing jumper. I'm the one-eye in the WMSE t-shirt. And at the bottom there is Mr. Fabulous, our manager.

It's barely $20, boys and girls. And if your local bookstore doesn't have it, they can order it. No matter what the cashier who's only really in it for the paycheck tells you.

You got questions? I got answers. Email me below.

Hoping to break even on this,


I'll once again be doing my rather unnecessary drawings at Combat Theater this weekend. (You know what Combat Theater is by now. Don't make me explain it to you.) It's one of only two times during the year where you have the potential to score a giant drawing of mine for ONE DOLLAR.

Granted, it's through a raffle, which means you need luck, Chuck. But if you win, you're winning a rapid-fire drawing for less money than a frickin' comic book / beer / pony.

And for you uninitiated types, the Combat folks basically lock me in a room where I can only HEAR the plays as they happen. And during the course of the VERY SHORT seven-ish minutes each play lasts, I have to complete a giant drawing of what I think is happening.

It's kind of like the Royal Rumble, but with one dude taking on eight opponents. Or not.

For more information, click THIS LINK.

And if you go, tell them you're there to see dwellephant.

Inauguratin' a new pair of socks today,


But I don't. I LOVE you Detroit. And I love Hamtramck even more. I saw Fat Boy Slim spin-n-snort there about a decade ago, before you even knew Christopher Walken could dance like that.

Robo there is one of about 13 framed doodles for sale in the shop. Which you can get to by clicking here.

And I suggest you do just that, if you want to get your order before the holidays come to a close. Unless, of course, you're Serbian, in which case, you get an extra 13 days for shipping!

Waitin' for my bailout,